Dog Toothbrush Multi-angle Cleaning

Save 50%
  • 【 HEALTHIER ORAL HYGIENE 】SafePet toothbrush breaks problem-causing organisms in the mouth. Less of those contributes to healthier oral hygiene for your dog and a higher quality of life.
  • 【 CLEANER GUMS AND LESS BAD BREATH 】 Increases blood flow in gums for faster healing improving general health and less bad breath!
  • 【 CLEANS MORE THAN OTHER SOLUTIONS 】 SafePet toothbrush technology cleans where regular or electric toothbrushes can't! Our technology essentially cleans better than any other toothbrush for dogs currently on the market.
  • 【 RISK-FREE AND COST-EFFECTIVE 】 SafePet toothbrush clean without risk of harming the dog at a fraction of the cost of cleaning at the vet with the risk of anesthesia.